Linda Nugraheni
My friend has told me years ago when we were watching "Harry Potter" together and "Dementor" is shown up. she told me that Dementor was cute(?) , I don't know how she can says so. But in my case now, it's alike :D

you guys knows "Gollum" from movies "The Lord of The Ring" or "The Hobbit" ? I watched The Hobbit a few days ago...
you can call me crazy or anything cause I think Gollum is CUTE and LOVELY, hha~
I capture these pictures from movie "The Hobbit" and i found it few from internet :D

cute isn't it ? no ? hha~
i almost cry when he shown his sad face , scared when his ring lost or something and confussed search his ring.. hha~
i wanna keep it as my own if he has good behave and vegetarians :D
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